Saturday, May 28, 2016



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Dear Sponsors, cooks, and participants, 


We regret to inform you that the Great Lakes Chili Cook-off has been cancelled for this year. The board of directors has made this decision based on lack of financial support and unexpected personal reasons. The board is making plans to retool the event, so that it can be successful in the future.


We would also like to address the communities of motorcyclists. There have been some comments on social media encouraging the boycott of Plymouth and Plymouth businesses.


Please understand that the businesses are not involved in these decisions and the city is only a host for the Great Lakes Chili Cook-off. The cook-off is produced by The Great Lakes Chili Inc, which is a non-profit organization and provides support for local non-profits.


We would also like to thank the Motorcyclist for their continued support over the years. The past years successes were due to their participation. The idea to not provide reserved parking was not intended to offend any one but simply an attempt to make the event financially viable.


Thank you for your support over the last 20 years and we hope to bring back this wonderful event next year.



Great Lakes Chili Inc